And so today I start to write my blog, I will try to convey my emotions and so also my creations.


I spent a beautiful weekend in the countryside, I needed to immerse my breath and eyes in the beautiful autumn colors.


It is a house built by my father-in-law about 50 years ago, in stone and wood, it looks like a mountain cabin and is immersed in the wildest nature, surrounded by two chestnut woods.


I love this place especially in the evening and early morning, hours when the sky expresses itself freely, in silence.


These are my places of inspiration to write, draw, invent, think ... and to free the mind from all that city buzz that only confuses.


So I collected chestnuts in the woods which, when roasted on the embers of the fireplace together with a good glass of red wine, simply make me feel good. It will be the scent, it will be the crackle of wood, it will be the sense of peace ...


and then ... I climbed the persimmon tree, my favorite, especially in this period which is colored with all shades of red and burnt orange ... and always gives an immense amount of fruit.


So I started the collection!


I returned to Rome as happy and wild as my dogs.


It's a difficult and strange time for everyone, you have to take back your time and enjoy every single moment.




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