…. like a melody lingering in the air… made tangible through enthusiasm and the expert hands of Italian artisans.

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To achieve a goal, you need determination, creativity and passion. I learnt this as a child and these are the “golden rules of music” that guide me in everything I do!

My name is Elena Lera and I am the daughter of two artists...
they conveyed to me the sense of shape, color, harmony and beauty ...
And if at the age of 8 I decided to learn to play a musical instrument and then at 11 another, perhaps the “fault” is theirs!
And with my cello on my back and a degree in Literature, I began working in television... I told stories, I have always enjoyed telling stories...
Creativity and Communication are therefore my distinguishing traits, the fuel that feeds my passion every time I design a Bag!


We craft unique, beautiful hand-crafted leather goods and fashion apparel, with a touch of uniqueness to set you apart from the crowd: bright colours, unique elastic shoulder straps, Italian design creativity and...quality, quality, quality without compromises, in any detail. Visit our online store now!


The Tuning Fork is present within my designs, the pendant which vibrates and tunes! It speaks of my connection to music.

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