…. like a melody lingering in the air… made tangible through enthusiasm and the expert hands of Italian artisans.

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To achieve a goal, you need determination, creativity and passion. I learnt this as a child and these are the “golden rules of music” that guide me in everything I do!

My name is Elena Lera and I am the daughter of two artists...
they conveyed to me the sense of shape, color, harmony and beauty ...
And if at the age of 8 I decided to learn to play a musical instrument and then at 11 another, perhaps the “fault” is theirs!
And with my cello on my back and a degree in Literature, I began working in television... I told stories, I have always enjoyed telling stories...
Creativity and Communication are therefore my distinguishing traits, the fuel that feeds my passion every time I design a Bag!


I choose the best Italian materials

I work with creativity and passion

I entrust the realisation of my vision to Roman craftsmen and their art

The result is my product: artisanal, Italian, of quality


The Tuning Fork is present within my designs, the pendant which vibrates and tunes! It speaks of my connection to music.

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