From the expert hands

of artisans and my enthusiasm there is created something that came out of the air.

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After a great deal of wandering, I decided to dedicate myself to a place and a project, Elena Lera Project. Where I can live whatever comes to mine, and share it with those around me. Creation and Communication, therefore are the instruments which represent me, and which I utilize with passion to achieve the goals I set for myself. 


It is the Craftsmen who make possible that which at first seemed only a dream. From concept to completion, there is a river that you need to travel down. I usually imagine, then I search for it, and then finally, share it. The time that flows between what I imagine, and the final product, seems suspended.


The tuning fork is my Brand symbol, the pendant which vibrates and tunes! It speaks of my attachment to music, and is an item I’ve had in my hands since I was a child