I discovered Daniela Pareschi's Poetic World by chance ...

I was surfing the web and I immediately fell in love.

Following my instincts and starting from my first emotion, I decided to write to her at 6 in the morning.

When she replied at 6 and 5 minutes, I realized that if we weren't exactly the same dough, we certainly looked a lot alike

I recognized her as an "emotional belly woman", like me.

from there asking her to do a collaboration was very easy.

Daniela has a poetic trait that stands out, she uses colors that I love and that resemble mine

his pictures look good and talk a lot if you look at them well

you imagine them perfect for a common project.

On the other hand, when I decided to start this new life I imagined just this: sharing my creative world with other worlds.

With Daniela it was easy and beautiful ...

She drew 4 small poems for me that I placed on my linen bags carefully sewn one by one by my beloved seamstress and finished with the new collection of elastic ribbons that I had just produced for summer 2022

the colors of my ribbons were the same as Daniela's drawings

From there to also producing a series of limited edition t-shirts of pure organic cotton, it was a moment ...

Now the bags and jerseys have started to travel together ...

we didn't even know that.


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